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The Travel Tourism industry is starting to see the importance of social media marketing.

  • 52% of travellers said they actually changed their original travel plans based on something they read in a review (Sprout Social 2014)
  • 82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved in social media (Forbes 2014)
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as getting a personal recommendation (Search Engine Land 2014)

Twitter parties increase brand awareness and strengthen the community by increasing dialogue between the brand and their Followers. They create a personable conversation and is a great way to build true advocates for your brand.

They can be especially useful for gaining new product exposure. Utilizing strong influencers and prizes, a large participation and trending hashtag could lead to product awareness to those outside the brand’s immediate Twitter follower circle.

Finally a Travel Chat Where Canadians Win Prizes

We noticed that Canadian consumers on Twitter often find they are not eligible to win prizes awarded in travel themed Twitter parties. We decided to give Canadians a forum to talk about travel and give them a chance to WIN some prizes while they are at it.

We Connect Your Brand and Message to a Network of Canadian Travel Consumers

With TravelChatCA you get triple the reach through the combined social media power of three Canadian social media savvy bloggers with a passion for travel. We will host and moderate a branded Twitter chat, through our @TravelChatCA Twitter handle as well as our own Twitter handles, with pre-arranged and approved questions.

In a 1-hour Twitter party geared to Canadians, we can help spread the word about your latest campaign and help generate excitement about your brand. We get the attention of our Canadian followers by throwing a Twitter party about your brand. Canadians love to talk, share stories and win prizes… so why not get them talking about you?

Ask Canadian travel consumers whatever you like and you will get immediate replies. Want to influence Canadians to travel to your region? Looking to sell them some great travel gear? Join forces with hotels, restaurants, travel gear suppliers and generate buzz in Canada about your brand.

Your hashtag will reach thousands of Canadian Twitter followers, which means your company name could be TRENDING across Canada! With the #TravelChatCA and your branded hashtag Canadian participants will be eligible for any prizes.

What you receive when you book a Canadian Travel Twitter Party with TravelChatCA?

  • Twitter party article announcing the Twitter Chat with links back to the client website on TravelChatCA.
  • Twitter party announcement promotion on all our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • A 1-hour Twitter party hosted by our @TravelChatCA handle and @CalculateTravel, @DailyDream360.
  • Twitter party summary article announcing the prize winners, key discussion points and statistics with links back to the client website and prize sponsors on TravelChatCA.
  • A 3-page post Twitter chat report, that includes third-party data about the party such as the number of participants, tweets, impressions and reach.

Book a Canadian #TravelChatCA Twitter Party — Create BUZZ!

Partnering with the @TravelChatCA team offered the opportunity to reach a national, influential audience and establish Ontario’s Highlands as a premiere winter destination. January’s #TravelChatCA was the perfect opportunity to launch our #WinterWander campaign and start an online conversation about winter activities, allowing operators from the region to participate and share their experiences with potential visitors. As an organization we strive to be a brand that is both personable and authentic; this online initiative allowed us an avenue to communicate naturally with an audience and demonstrate just that. Working with the @TravelChatCA team was seamless. Their knowledge and expertise about social media and industry trends guided the development of the conversation, resulting in a chat that far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to participating in and contributing to future #TravelChatCA conversations! See you next month. Carly Freeman, Social Media Coordinator and Jennifer Gilmer, Communications Coordinator

Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization

As a small business with a limited budget for advertising we put the bulk of our marketing effort into social media. Being a sponsor for a TravelChatCA Twitter chat and engaging with many potential customers fits perfectly with our strategy. The combined audience reach of the travel chat is impressive and the type of engaged traveller that participates is exactly the kind of customer we are looking for! Jason Kucherawy - Owner

Toronto Urban Adventures

In a great big sea of hashtags and trends across social media, it can be difficult for small businesses to find a new audience. Participating in #TravelChatCA far exceeded our expectations and exposed Calabogie Peaks Resort to tens of thousands of people. We reached as many people in a single night as would take an entire week on Twitter. Plus we’ve been able to establish valuable new connections with active bloggers from across the province. Thanks #TravelChatCA! Todd Crapper, Social Media Specialist

Calabogie Peaks Resort

TravelChatCA is a great resource for Canadians who love to travel. We are proud to be part of this community! Erin Monaghan, Community Manager

Roam Mobility

Partnering with #TravelChatCA was a no-brainer because working with Mary, Sharon and Will in the past has been a breeze. Their series of channels, including #TravelChatCA, are a great way to connect with potential Canadian visitors and spread St. Pete/Clearwater’s message.

Honestly, I think their media kit is legit! But I will say I didn’t really make my decision based on it. The price is very reasonable and I knew they all would do a great job and had a great following, so that was key. I think it’s a no-brainer for anyone who has worked with them in the past and knows the value. Leroy Bridges, Media & Interactive Director

Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater

You were wonderful ambassadors for Buffalo during the whole conversation and we can’t thank you enough for your positivity. Those 60 minutes of the TwitterChat were quite the whirlwind but we saw a lot of positive comments, had a few engaging conversations, made a lot of connections and had a nice little surge in Twitter followers. We were thrilled with the chat. Karen Fashana, Director of Marketing

Visit Buffalo Niagara

TravelChatCA proved tremendously valuable to Visit Buffalo Niagara in its 2016 marketing efforts. The number of impressions our destination received over the course of one hour was truly eye-opening. Mary, Will and Sharon are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with to promote our resurgent destination. Brian Hayden, Communications Manager

Visit Buffalo Niagara

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