Oh The Places We’ll Go in 2016

Our second TravelChatCA Twitter party was a ton of fun and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone that participated.  We loved all the discussion that was happening with travellers sharing their travel plans for the year, recommending destinations, and travel tips.


It was also great to be able to share with everyone how Roam Mobility can help travellers save money.  Don’t ever get caught slapped with a huge roaming bill when you travel outside of Canada.

The #TravelChatCA Twitter party generated so much activity that we trended in Toronto despite a number of other Twitter Parties happening that same evening.

Canadians Know How To Travel

Over the course of the hour, it was incredibly exciting to see where everyone was headed to for the year.  You made us jealous.  You made us wanderlust.  You made us want to pack our bags and go somewhere.

The obvious conclusion we can make from the chat is that Canadians love travel and are going places in 2016. Whether it is travel within our own country, crossing the border down south or catching a plane to a far away place, there was discussion of destinations all over.  It was a great melding of destinations.  We even came out of it learning about cool new places that we’ve never heard of.

Big Buzz words of the Twitter Party

With so much excitement in the air, it was a fast and furious chat.  Some of the words that we kept seeing were save, plan, tips, love, Iceland, Quebec, and Jasper.

Roam Mobility Factoid Tweet

A big Thank You goes to our prize sponsor for the month, Roam Mobility.  Make sure you follow them on @roammobility and Instagram.

Stats from the #TravelChatCA Travel Twitter Chat

Participants: 153
Tweets: 2,350
Reach:  956, 747

February 2016 Travel Plans with Roam Mobility Twitter Chat Mega Prize Winner (worth $180+)

#TravelChatCA February 2016 Winner Tweet
Prizes were chosen randomly using a winner prize generator software from all tweets with the #TravelChatCA hashtag during the current eligibility period.

Selected Tweets from the Party
TravelChatCA Feb 2016 Selected Tweets

Hope to see you next month!

The party takes off the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 9PM EST and we’d love to see you there!

– TravelChatCA Team
Mary, Sharon and Will.

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