#TravelChatCA Travel Chat Basics

Looking for some Twitter Chat Basics?

Here are some tips and advice when participating in our next #TravelChatCA Canadian Travel Twitter Party.

What’s a Twitter Party?

A group of people who are on Twitter all at the same time who are following the same hashtag (#), chatting about the same topic, hanging out together, answering certain questions, possibly winning prizes and having fun.

Twitter parties are a fun way to chat, learn and share about a specific topic.

All you need is a public Twitter account and a party to join!

How to Participate

  1. Subscribe to the #TravelChatCA website to be notified of our next sponsor / theme / date / time
  2. Check the rules. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate but each party sponsor has different eligibility requirements to win prizes.
  3. You must RSVP for the party in order to be eligible to win any prizes
  4. Join the party at the scheduled time and interact with the hosts and fellow participants!
  5. Retweeting is never a bad idea. We may share tips, photos, or some much-needed words of wisdom during the party, so feel free to retweet anything that might be interesting to your own followers!

During the party, the host asks questions related to the topic like this…
Q1: What’s one item you always pack when you travel? #TravelChatCA

Participants answer like this…
A1: I always pack my e-reader! #TravelChatCA

Prizes will be announced like this…
W1: Congratulations….

Don’t forget!
We pick our winners randomly, but your tweets must include the party hashtag in order for your name to be entered in the drawing!

How to Keep Up

Twitter parties move fast and often it’s hard to keep up especially when you are using the regular Twitter stream.

Here are some tips

  • Follow the #TravelChatCA hashtag
  • Use a Twitter stream app such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Tweetchat.com or Twubs.com during the party and set up multiple columns for the host(s) and the hashtag
  • If you are having problems following along, be sure to follow the host during the party and not the hashtag! That way you are only looking at 1 Twitter feed.
  • If you are new to Twitter you can also hit tweet limits and your account can get put on hold in “Twitter Jail”. Maximum number of tweets per hour is approx 200.
  • Load your cursor. Have the @host and #hashtags loaded into your cursor so that you don’t have to type it with each tweet. If it’s loaded you can just paste it (control+v / command+v) after you type your message.
  • If you start a Tweet immediately with the @TwitterHandle only the 1 person mentioned will see the tweet. If you want everyone at the party to see the message, make sure you have text before the @ symbol – even if it’s just a “period”.

Have Questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you some more tips on how to join the #TravelChatCA Canadian Twitter Party!

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